Hannie Photos

In every town Silvain visits, he is always in demand to teach willing students how to be "Stalled Out In Zen."

The Hannies stop into an Irish pub during a recent tour.
The Hannies prepare for their tour of Scotland.
Works Hannie during a three month visit to the Hannie Zen Temple.
Atticus, Works and Silvain in the hallway of the John Brown academy For Wayward Boys.
1972 Atticus plays his special customized electric sitar.

Ed Sullivan looks on in disgust as during The Hannies appearance on his show in May of 1971,
Hannies fans threw and covered the stage in braciole.
It was well known among Hannie fans it was one of their favorite Italian meals.

Ed Sullivan not only never had The Hannies back,
he retired one month later.

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