Isn't It Nice When The Women Are Happy

Isn't it nice when the women are happy?
Isn't it sweet when the women are pleased?
Isn't it good when they're not thinking about you?
Isn't right when they are at ease?

Here, can I help you?
What can I do?
Ah, don't bother yourself.
Please, let me get that for you.

Why don't you sit awhile?
Who deserves it more than you?
Let me rub your feet with a smile.
I enjoy it.
Let me remove that shoe.

Oh the women are happy.
At last the women are happy.
Shout for joy the women are happy.

Oh My Lenska

Oh my Lenska.
how you make me burn.

Oh my Lenska,
how the worm has turned.

That uncommon chilly night,
taught me things were just not right .

Oh my Lenska.
Oh my Lenska

Oh my Lenska,
I didn't read the signs.
Oh my Lenska,
grief clings to me like vines.

A thousand gulags couldn't start
describe the prison of my heart.

Oh my Lenska.
Oh my Lenska.

I was Lenskas' lover man.
but she used me like a garbage can.
Slings and arrows how they burn
but for Lenska I still yearn.

Oh my Lenska.
Oh my Lenska.

Charlie And Frank

Charlie and Frank met at noon every day ,
on a bench in a park by a fountain just to watch the people pass.

Sometimes Frank would smile and sigh,
Talk about the days that had gone by,

Charlie politely smiled showing Frank that he really cared.
Who'd believe it been eighty years.

Nobody left but C and F,
to live a day at a time.
Sometimes they drink wine.
They get a little out of line.
So little time.

Frank he waited,
but Charlie never showed.
Now memories he shares now all alone.

Charlies forgotten.
To all but Frank.
Who even forgets now and then,
but that's the way that it goes.