Vesuvius, Gustav T'ar T'ar, and Ayloisius Hannie

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Vesuvius Hannie
Guitar master.
King of Vol.

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Gustav T'ar T'ar Hannie
Musician extraordinaire.
Master critic.

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Ayloisius Hannie
Keyboard virtuoso.
Leader in piety.

Silvain Hannie sings The Apology Song

The classic Hannie song, "The Apology Song," is sung by Silvain Hannie. With his own solo ukulele accompaniment.

Irish Oatmeal

The Hannies now take you to a small village in 19th century Ireland.
They sing the tale of an Irish lad fleeing a Banshee.
And the legend of a good mother's porridge the captures a Banshee's appetite.
Behold the Irish Ballad of:
"Irish Oatmeal."

Mule Reprise

This is an instrumental tune by
"The Hannies."
We call it "Mule Reprise."
Thanks for listening.

Trampoline Early Demo

From the Hannie Vault.
An early demo of the song,
" Blue Ridge Trampoline."
This version is notable because it is just the basic track before the violin or effects were added.
It stands out though because of the lost soliloquy given by Silvain Hannie.
Truly a lost gem.
Here is the
"Trampoline Early Demo."